Patient Safety a priority at the Hospital

Provide the safest and highest quality care is one of Guelph General Hospital’s (GGH) four strategic priorities. At GGH’s 10th Annual Safety Fair it was clear all departments are taking this priority very seriously.

Safety Fair 2017

The annual Safety Fair celebrates all the great work GGH does to keep its patients and staff safe. And keeping patients and staff safe is more than just having good infection control and security services. Almost 30 exhibits filled the auditorium to feature safety initiatives happening throughout the Hospital. The topics were wide ranging and included; hand hygiene, reducing medicine discrepancies and dosing errors, blood safety, our Rapid Response Team, Antimicrobial Stewardship and many more.

The annual Safety Fair is now deeply entrenched in the Hospital’s culture. The safety of patients and staff is a top priority at GGH and the recent Fair was a great way to showcase all the wonderful work happening at the Hospital.