Multipurpose x-ray room opens

August 10 marked the first day of operation of our new multi-purpose x-ray machine. 
It took four weeks to assemble on site after arriving in 100’s of boxes. Even before then, the old x-ray room received a fresh coat of paint and new inviting flooring to offer patients a more pleasant experience. Numerous pictures of the machine's installation can be found here.
Technologists get ready to receive the very first patient in the new multipurpose x-ray room.
The new machine replaces a much older x-ray unit and has a long list of improvements resulting from more advanced technology.
“Improved patient comfort and improved image quality top the list of enhancements as well as versatility,” says Jennifer Meher, Manager Diagnostic Imaging. “Before, multiple pieces of equipment across multiple rooms would be needed to carry out all the procedures this one piece of equipment can do.”
There’s also a productivity benefit too. The machine has the ability to perform both standard x-rays of bone and image soft tissue. Images may be taken with the patient standing or laying down which enables x-rays of the upper and lower digestive system too. Before, patients would have to go outside Guelph for those images. Now, patients residing in the communities of Guelph and Wellington can have these images done in the convenience of their own community hospital.
According to Meher, when purchasing new equipment, there are many considerations that go into the decision, but ultimately these investments need to meet patient needs today and for many years ahead.