Removing distractions helps reduce medication errors

May 4 – There are times when a nurse is interrupted or distracted when getting patient medication from the computerized drug cabinets located throughout patient care areas of the hospital. To reduce the risk of a medication error being made, Guelph General Hospital recently rolled out “Anywhere RN.” This software allows a nurse to pre-order the needed medications from any computer in the building. Once at the drug cabinet, the nurse simply logs in and the correct drugs at the proper dosage are made available. The software designed to increase patient safety was the result of a generous donation. 

“We are thrilled to have this now available,” says Marianne Walker, President and CEO. “It provides nursing with the ability to efficiently obtain the medications needed for their patients and reduce mistakes due to distractions on profiled cabinets that are often busy at key medication administration times.”

Foundation CEO, Suzanne Bone, said this was a great example of how community support can directly improve the care provided at the Hospital. “This was made possible by a $23,000 donation from a generous family in appreciation of care received at our Hospital over the years. Truly, we couldn’t do what we do without the support of our community - government funding is a base, but donations are essential to help us deliver the best possible care.”