Guelph General Hospital Foundation transferred over $2 million to the Hospital last year

Thanks to the incredible generosity of thousands of donors, Guelph General Hospital was able to purchase more than $2 million in urgently needed equipment that it would not otherwise have been able to purchase in the 2015/2016 fiscal year, which ended on April 1.

“Each day at Guelph General Hospital, lives are changed, and most often, equipment purchased through the generosity of our donors plays a role,” Hospital President and CEO Marianne Walker commented. “Donors have a direct, positive impact on patient care at our Hospital.”

The Foundation transferred a total of $2,071,914 over the past year. Purchases ranged from angel pins presented to patients when they finish chemotherapy treatment, to $1.2 million for a new suite of IV pumps, and everything in between.

The new, highly sophisticated IV pumps are throughout the Hospital, making a difference to thousands of patients each year, at every age and stage of life at their greatest time of need.

“The new pumps make it so very easy for the nurse to program the pump and deliver the medication or fluid appropriately,” says Eileen Bain, VP Patient Services and Chief Nursing Executive. “They reduce the chance of medication error and are designed gives us more flexibility, helping make sure there is a pump available for every patient who needs one.”

Also part of the $2 million was funding for our new Tom and Margaret Trainor Nuclear Medicine Suite. The in-hospital nuclear medicine service began in the new year and is currently providing valuable service to 40-45 patients each week.

Also funded were a number of items granted through a special program whereby staff apply for a grant for something that would help them make a difference in their role.

Funds were raised through generous donations for specific projects, bequests (including one that funded much of the pumps project), annual contribution from the Endowment Fund, mailings, memorials and events like Black Tie Bingo and Tour de Guelph.

The Foundation’s CEO, Suzanne Bone, sums it up: “We are so grateful for our most generous community. Donations large and small combine to have an incredible impact on our patients and the care we are able to provide. We are blessed by their support.”

The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital’s purpose is ‘saving lives and improving health, together with our community.’  Government funding is a base, but fundraising is essential to deliver the best possible care and in recent years, one of every two dollars the Hospital spent on patient care equipment came from donor support.