Patient and Family Advisory Council

Thank you for your interest in Guelph General Hospital's Patient and Family Advisory Council. It's goal is to improve our patient experience by advising our leadership team on matters that impact the patient and family experience, and patient-centred care.

Patients and family members are a critical part of our healthcare team and are experts in patient and family experience within healthcare. Council members will provide a patient or family member perspective to GGH decision making processes and services at both the program and organizational level.

We are inviting patients and/or family/caregivers, over the age of 18, who have accessed the services here either as an outpatient or as inpatient within the last three years, to apply for consideration to be a volunteer member.

The Council will meet regularly to provide input to hospital staff, management, physicians and the Board on a variety of hospital activities, projects and committees. The Council members will include patients, families, hospital staff and clinicians.

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If you are interested in volunteering your time on the Council, thank you!

How do I apply?
Who should apply to volunteer with the Patient and Family Advisory Council?
What will the Council do?
What characteristics do I need to join the Council?
What commitment is expected?
What kind of training and support will Advisors get?
What would the Council be advising on?

Who should apply to volunteer with the Patient and Family Advisory Council?

We are looking for individuals who feel things could have been done better when accessing care at GGH for themselves or their family members or have ideas for improvement even if they had a positive experience. We are looking for individuals who want to share their ideas on how we can improve the patient and family experience throughout the organization in all areas.

What will the Council do?

It will partner with staff on a wide range of short to long-term activities from those at the organizational level such as strategic planning to program specific to ensure the patient/family are at the centre of what we do. 

Council members will:

  • Share their stories (both positive and areas for improvement) for the purpose of promoting and enhancing patient-centred care;
  • Work as a team to identify and implement ways of improving the care experience for all patients and families
  • Ensure the patient perspective is reflected in hospital policies and procedures
  • Review patient materials for different programs
  • Collaborate on quality improvement initiatives

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What characteristics do I need to join the Council?

  • Must be 18 or older
  • Have accessed services at GGH within the last three years either as a patient or a primary caregiver/family member to a patient
  • Have the ability to share insights and information about your experiences in ways that others can learn from
  • Possess strong communication skills
  • Be able to work collaboratively with other patients, families and health care providers
  • Be committed to helping bring about meaningful change
  • Have the ability to see beyond your own personal experiences and see the bigger picture
  • Be respectful of others and respect the perspectives of others
  • Have the ability to speak comfortably in a group
  • Have the ability to maintain the privacy of patient and organizational information

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What commitment is expected?

  • Commitment is for a minimum of one year, with a typical commitment of a two-year term
  • Completion of an online (or paper-based) orientation session
  • Ensure all necessary immunizations are up-to-date as per GGH Policy. Our Volunteer Services will help you with this.
  • Attend monthly meetings up to nine times a year, typically advisors volunteer 2-4 hours a month
  • Respond to queries between meetings as appropriate
  • Participate on sub-committees and task groups as necessary
  • Comply with GGH’s policies regarding privacy and confidentiality
  • Selected applicants will attend a short interview and must provide references
  • Successful candidates must undergo a criminal record check, including vulnerable sector

What kind of training and support will Advisors get?

Advisors will receive general orientation to the hospital and specific information/training on particular areas and operations as needed.

Specific orientation on the role of a Patient and Family Advisory Council member and expectations of that role e.g. understanding hospital terminology etc.

What would the Council be advising on?

Some examples may include parking, food, signage, waiting rooms, patient feedback, patient education, policies etc. 

How to apply

Applications are available here or at our Information Desk in our main lobby.  For more information, please call 519-837-6440 ext. 2788 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

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