General Express December 2018

Hospital's focus on patient safety results in a fantastic score in a national measure

Guelph General Hospital recently learned it had the second best score in Canada on a key patient safety indicator. The Hospital Standardized Mortality Ratio (HSMR), measures expected deaths versus actual deaths in acute care hospitals. Any score lower than 100 indicates fewer than expected deaths. GGH's score was 68. Both the national and provincial average was 89.
hsmr chart web
HSMR 2017/18 - GGH - 67, WWLHIN - 76, Ontario - 89, Canada - 89

Over the past two years, GGH has identified a number of projects to help promote safety such as falls reduction, medication safety and patient identification, explains Marianne Walker, President and CEO. She is quick to point out it is a team effort. “Our staff and physicians are committed to providing the highest quality care and experience for patients and their families. Patient safety is deeply engrained in all we do.”

Safety is also now a part of the Hospital’s daily routine. “We are highly focused on understanding the day-to-day challenges of our front line staff which impacts the care they are able to provide,” says Walker. “Our implementation of daily huddles in our clinical areas provides staff with the opportunity to identify safety issues and concerns and to share learnings with their teams. These learnings are then shared broadly with other clinical teams at a daily leadership huddle.”

The HSMR is just one measurement in Canadian Institute of Health Information (CIHI) annual report which provides essential information on Canada’s health systems and the health of Canadians. Discover what other indicators are contained in CIHI’s GGH report. The complete list of HSMR scores from across Canada can be found here

GGH provided leadership with regional Surge Plan update

dr digby web
Dr. Digby recently volunteered for the "chocolate pudding challenge" during Infection Control Week. It illustrated the need for proper hand hygiene after glove removal.

Dr. Ian Digby, Chief of Emergency Medicine advocated for a number of years for a Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network (WWLHIN)-wide surge plan. This year, WWLHIN partners (including Dr. Digby and Michelle Bott from GGH) came together to develop a formal surge plan.

The 26-page surge plan prepares for the anticipated increase in demand for healthcare service that happens this time of the year.

“Winter months are busy within our healthcare system,” says Ian. “Infectious diseases are at their peaks, there are more slips and falls and the rate of mental health crisis rises. Hospital Emergency Departments always feel the most pressure.”

The plan has evolved over a number of years, according to Eileen Bain, VP Patient Services and Chief Nursing Executive. This year, one significant focus has been for all Health Service Providers to consider how they will be able to contribute to surge efforts by developing their own internal surge plan.

Often the surge pressure first shows up in Emergency Departments. Being able to manage the increase in demand and continue providing great care requires a healthcare system that extends beyond hospital walls.

“The plan involves all community partners in every sector of the health system to ensure every organization is working at their optimum,” says Dr. Digby. “This ensures each patient gets the right care at the right time by the right caregiver and maintains flow through the healthcare system.”

Updating the WWLHIN-wide plan took considerable time, effort and leadership, says Eileen. “I would like to thank Michelle Bott who co-chaired the update with Ian for their continued efforts to develop a plan that will help to better care for and meet the needs of our patients.”

A unique way of celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas  

It's clear that GGH porter, Deb Lima, loves the holiday season. This year, she dressed up for each of the 12 Days of Christmas. Below you'll find how she looked on four of those days. Thank you Deb for putting a smile on everyone's face!

toy soldier
Nut Cracker
 real live elf on the shelf
Elf on the Shelf

Foundation profiling different staff, teams, or initiatives in monthly web posting
October's feature was about Brad Milton, OR Attendant

brad milton webThe OR department is a busy area and Brad works together with eight other attendants that he describes as “a close and tight-knit team.”

Together, they help ensure the patient flow through the OR is as smooth and seamless as can be. That helps planned surgeries stick to their schedule and emergency situations are handled efficiently as well.
There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes in the OR and Brad and the team are responsible for many important tasks including making sure every supply and needed piece of equipment for the day’s surgeries are where they need to be when they are needed.

“You have to say ‘yes’ to everything that is asked of you and you have to always be available,” Brad explains.

And while the role may seem task-oriented, Brad knows every task is closely tied to patient care. He says, “patients’ needs always come first.” He tries to make sure patients are well looked after and when he notices someone struggling emotionally, he tries his best to provide comfort.

Brad is well liked throughout the department for his commitment and for his light and friendly demeanor. “Most days are busy and it can be highly stressful too. I try to keep my mood light and do my best to keep others around me happy,” he said.

More for GGH history buffs

100 year anniversary edition header webA publication from 1975 was commissioned to celebrate the Hospital's 100th anniversary. In it are articles linking the past to what was then, the present. For those interested in the recent and distant history of the Hospital, it makes for some interesting reading.In this issue of General Express is a scanned article about some of the hospital's first physicians and their evolving roles over the years.  

Click on the image to the right to expand it for easier reading.In the next issue, find out how Admitting and Record Keeping were done both in 1875 and the "modern" 1975 with the introduction of computer-generated reports.

Physician story from 100 year anniversary edition web
Physicians have participated in Hospital decision making since the early days.

GGH Snapshots (click on photo to enlarge)

historical radiology equipment web prof practice winners web MM week 2018 web 
Cory Buckton, DI Clinical Education Leader, (right) recently discovered in an unused cupboard a collection of historical diagnostic imaging equipment. Director Mike Lindsay, holding an old Geiger counter, joined him in reviewing the find. They hope to put together a display for one of the cabinets outside the Learning Centre. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This year was the second annual "Bras for a Cause" friendly competition. Staff were invited to decorate a bra for display as a way or raising awareness. This year's winners with their "Hooters" entry were from IPAC, Patient Relations and Quality & Safety (l-r) Jodie Brown-Bedford, Shannon Hall, Arpita Bhattacharya, Helen Martini and Christine Hutchison.

Each year, the first week of October is dedicated to celebrating health care supply chain professionals for their outstanding contributions to health. Health care supply chain is uniquely positioned to connect various stakeholders across the continuum of care - no other group interacts with every major stakeholder internally and externally. 
ICU minions Jackie and baby Sleep lab in the news2 web 
Many got into the spirit of Halloween at the Hospital. ICU staff came as Minions much to the delight of everyone. To see who is behind the masks, click on the photo. GGH was recently in the news about our planned renovation and expansion of our Special Care Nursery. Jackie Sanvido, RN, (above) generously agreed to be in the Guelph Today photo. For the story, click here. Speaking of being in the news, CTV recently ran a series on "Sleep." They asked if they could come in an record a patient being prepared for a sleep study. Lori Walton, Sleep Lab Lead, did the demonstration with a patient volunteer.

Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners

First Place - Decision Support
first place web
Second Place - Diagnostic Imaging
second place web

Third Place - Information and Technology Services Management Groupthird place web

Celebrating a remarkable two-million-dollar gift

Dr Patel explaining the benefits of the new CT web
Dr. Samir Patel, Chief Radiologist explains some of the benefits of our new CT at its official ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The Hospital is celebrating a remarkable gift of $2 million from long-time Hospital supporters John and Barbara Wood. The gift supports the Hospital’s most urgent and essential equipment needs, including the recently arrived CT scanner.

John and Barbara Wood have been donors for more than 30 years through the W. C. Wood Company, W. C. Wood Foundation and personally.

“We feel fortunate to be in a position to make this gift,” said John Wood. “Our hospital is a very worthwhile cause in our community and we know our gift will help make Guelph a better place to live.”

JahnBarbara Wood Sign CompleteIn recognition of their gift, the Hospital’s main lobby has been renamed in their honour.

The generous donation was welcomed by hospital President and CEO, Marianne Walker. “When I first learned of the extraordinary generosity of John and Barbara Wood, I was incredibly moved,” said Marianne. “This gift is important in so many ways. The funds will not only help our amazing staff, midwives and physicians provide quality, patient-centred care, but we hope it will also serve as a source of inspiration for others. For all of this, we are deeply grateful.”

Helping to raise money for the Hospital is something Suzanne Bone, the Foundation’s CEO, has been doing for a long time. She’s seen firsthand the impact it has since almost every dollar spent on patient care equipment comes from a donor.

“Donors make an incredible difference to the care we are able to provide at Guelph General Hospital, because they fund virtually every piece of patient care equipment we purchase…the tools our caregivers need to provide comfort and caring, healing and curing to our community,” commented Suzanne. “So to say we’re thankful to John and Barb is such an understatement. Their gift is already making and will continue to make a remarkable difference.”

Samosas 2018 Diwali web

Marking "the victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance"

Foundation staff enjoyed delicious Samosas brought in by a Foundation volunteer to celebrate Diwali!

Staff are (l-r) Khatera Rashidi, Jennifer Duggan, Rob Cameron, Elizabeth Stewart, Suzanne Bone, Lindy Robinson and Matt Peltomaki.