General Express April 2017

New model of care introduced in Family Birthing Unit

In the photos right, Dr. Kate Miller is seen completing a newborn assessment in the Family Birthing Unit on one of Guelph’s brand new babies.  Dr. Miller is one of a group of family physicians who have come together to form the Well Newborn Care Group (WNCG) who are now overseeing the care for well newborns.  Until now, this care was provided by our Hospitalists group who are now passing on the baton to the WNCG.  We want to take this opportunity to thank the Hospitalist Group for their dedication and care of the well newborn population in our community.  This change will allow the Hospitalists more time to focus on the adult population admitted to our hospital.  We’re pretty sure though that they will occasionally miss what is arguably the healthiest inpatient population (and the only one where snuggles are appropriate care). 

A big thank-you goes out to Dr. Kate Miller for her leadership in developing the new well newborn coverage model!

Building repairs wrapping up

Last summer we received almost $4.3 million in provincial funding through its Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund. The money was to be used to keep our facilities in a state of good repair. At GGH, it was a major undertaking as repairs included replacing many roofs, repairing and/or replacing sections of the brickwork as well as numerous other projects.
That work has pretty much wrapped up and the buildings are in much better shape. Below are some before and after pictures of just some of the many repairs that were done. 
Before and After (click photo to enlarge)
Before and After (click photo to enlarge)
Entrance to 73 Delhi
Base of the large window well in front of the Hospital
Underneath the stairs beside the loading dock
All three balconies on the east wall were repaired

New microscope helps eye surgeons see more clearly

Members of the Lions Club of Guelph were on hand to see Dr. Johnson (left) demonstrate the effectiveness of the new microscope. Thanks to Jenny Griffin, Director Perioperative Services, for volunteering to be the "patient."
Also, appreciation to both Purchasing (Cam McWade) and David Levett (Operating Room) for their efforts in the procurement and clinical review aspects of selecting the new microscope. Their work behind the scenes was integral in making the right decision for Guelph General Hospital.

Cataracts are the most common cause of vision loss in people over age 40 and are the principal cause of blindness in the world. Locally, Guelph General Hospital performs over 1,600 cataract surgeries a year. With the addition of a new state-of-the-art microscope thanks to a donation from the Lions Club of Guelph, ophthalmologists now have the best possible clarity while they operate on a patient’s eyes. 

The donation was a natural fit for the local Lions Club according to President Jim Sanders. This year, Lions throughout the world are celebrating 100 years of community service. “In 1925 Helen Keller challenged Lions to become “knights of the blind”. Since then, we have done just that,” he says. “The Lions Club of Guelph as its centenary project is proud to once again support the Guelph General Hospital’s ongoing provision of medical eye care to residents of Guelph and surrounding area.

It’s a big step forwards says Guelph ophthalmologist, Dr. Robert Johnson. “This new microscope offers our ophthalmic surgeons the optimal visualization so they can operate with the highest precision during surgery,” he says. “It drastically improves our visual field, optics, and illumination providing outstanding image quality throughout each step of the procedure.” 

The new microscope is a great example of how community support can improve the high quality care the Hospital is able to provide explains Suzanne Bone, CEO of the Foundation of Guelph General Hospital. “The vision of thousands of local community members will benefit thanks to the vision of the Lions Club of Guelph. Their generousity is so very much appreciated.”

A Successful launch of Paediatric Grand Rounds

It was a full house (see below) for our first Paediatric Grand Rounds held in March. Dr. D. McGuffin spoke about Neonatal Group B streptococcus Infection. Those attending included all Paediatricians, several midwives from both practices, Family Practitioners and many nurses from both Family birthing and Special Care Nursery. 

The second Paediatric Grand Rounds will be held Tuesday, April 25 at 0815 in FBU 6084. Dr. K. Taseen will speak about Respiratory Distress in the Newborn. For those unable to attend, Paediatric Grand Rounds are digitally recorded. Dr. McGuffin’s presentation can be viewed on YouTube here

Living our Strategic Directions - Provide the safest and highest quality care

Every issue there'll be an article about one of the initiatives either underway or completed that are supporting our four new Strategic Directions. As a reminder, they are:

  • Provide the safest and highest quality care
  • Support our exceptional team
  • Create a coordinated, high quality system of care with our partners
  • Sustain our financial health
Engaging a variety of stakeholders to help design a new Special Care Nursery

Plans are afoot to redesign and renovate our Special Care Nursery (SCN). In order to best meet the needs of those who work there and those who get care there, the Hospital has been reaching out for input.

For example, on April 10 GGH hosted a Design Lab to articulate the vision and priorities for an improved SCN. Key stakeholders participated including frontline staff (both from GGH as well as other hospitals), GGH Foundation representatives and parents whose children have received care in the SCN. Together, the group addressed real patient and family experiences, current challenges for staff and families and identified goals for the renovation.

This Design Lab strengthened the existing vision and made a case for particular elements of the renovation. It also supports the progress of architectural plans and the Foundation’s communication and fundraising objectives. A special thank you to Terry Billings, Ashley Frank and Amy Wright for participating!!

For those who would still like to provide input to the design, there’s an online survey. The deadline for submissions is the end of April.


GGH Snapshots (click on photo to enlarge)

Our Breast Assessment Clinic team includes; mammography technologists, ultrasound technologists, nursing and our lead radiologist for breast imaging, Dr. Malek Meshki. The group has made custom T shirts to help promote our new breast assessment clinic. 

The clinic sees patients who have presented to their doctor with a palpable lump in their breast or who have had an abnormal finding on a mammogram or breast ultrasound.  In one clinic appointment, the patient is taken through the steps of initial imaging, additional work up views and quite possibly a core biopsy if needed.  This significantly reduces the amount of time a woman spends waiting to know whether or not she has breast cancer.

The Hospital is participating as an early adopter in a pilot project with the eHealth Centre of Excellence (eCE) to give access to the Digital Health Drug Repository (DHDR) through Clinical Connect (easy access). Recently, some of the project team were assessing the benefits with staff that had been given access such as GEMS nurses, Day Surgery Nurses, RN’s in DI just to name a few. Overall, the feedback from the users has been very positive. They also helped to identify some system limitations that have been shared with the project team.

In the photo are (l-r), Julia Bickford (eCE), Charlotte Nethercott (eCE), Joyce Rolph (GGH Senior Director), Anita Mc Donald (GEM Nurse), Lana Black (GEM Nurse), Jen Pranger (Med Rec Steering Committee) and Lori-Anne Huebner (eCE). 

Our security provider, G4S, was recently onsite to present commendations to three guards (l-r), Cameron Allendorf, Andrea Burger and Chris Gale. The recognition stems from an unusual event last month and the quick, professional response from all three.
While Chris was on his way over to 125 Delhi on night, he noticed a woman lying on the ground beside a minivan in the parking lot. She was screaming in pain and it turned out she was in labour. Chris immediately called for assistance. Andrea ran a wheelchair down to the parking lot and Cameron got nursing support. However, as fast as they were, the woman still ended up giving birth in the elevator on the way up to FBU! 
Our recent Accreditation Expo was a chance to show off all the great work being done at the Hospital. In the photo, Jen Pranger explains our Medication Reconciliation program to students.
As a part of "Food Services Appreciation Week," Food Services held an open house with 10-minute guided tours. It was a great success.
Until now, a donation made through our Gift of Gratitude is has been made in honour of the care and compassion shown by individual or even a team at the Hospital. Recently though, a gift was made in recognition of "All GGH Staff." The donor wrote, "Thank you to all the staff at Guelph General Hospital including those behind the scenes who made the stay a quick and efficient one." 

Helping save the planet while saving money too

On hand for the cheque presentation were (l-r) Rod Carroll, VP HR, Rick Smith, Director Facilities, Giorgio Boccalon, Guelph Hydro Key Accounts Manager,  Pankaj Sardana, Guelph Hydro CEO, Marianne Walker, President and CEO, Matt Weninger Guelph Hydro VP Metering and Conservation and Gavin Webb, VP Chief Financial Officer and Chief Information Officer.
Guelph Hydro brought along an infographic to help illustrate all the work that was done at the Hospital and the amount of electricity each initiative saved.

In 2012, GGH teamed up with Honeywell and the Energy Services Team at Guelph Hydro to develop an Energy and Facility Renewal Program for the Hospital. Improvements were made with help from the financial incentives provided through the Provincial Save on Energy program. Nine projects were completed including the cooling tower replacement, lighting upgrades, ventilation improvements and the installation of high efficiency motors.

Since then, an audit of power usages has shown that GGH is saving an impressive 1.4 million kilowatt hours per year! That’s roughly equal to removing 146 average-sized homes from the grid.

Recently, representatives from Guelph Hydro Electric Systems delivered an incentive cheque for $209,450 to support the initiatives. “Partnerships like this are so rewarding,” said Marianne Walker, President and CEO. “We have such talent in this community and when we collaborate like this we can make GGH and the City a healthier and more sustainable place to live and work.”

Our Ethics Committee would like to take this opportunity to remind staff about the newly created resource page on our Intranet under the Administrative tab. On the page you'll find GGH’s Ethics Framework, the IDEA Decision-Making Tool and a Decision-Making Worksheet.
Members of the committee are (l-r); Gail Johnson, Jodie Brown-Bedford, Amelia Mathany, Janice MacDonald (Co-Chair), Laura Hutchings (Co-Chair), Rod Carroll, Anne Hougham, Julija Kelecevic (Regional Ethicist) and Lisa Bellon.
Absent that day were; Betty Slack, Deb Robinson, Eloise Umpleby, Robin Hiskett and Shannon Rolph.
Privacy Matters

A privacy breach can have far-reaching consequences, including a heavy personal fine. In Ontario, a social work student was recently fined $25,000 for looking into records of patients where she was not involved with their care. This case has sent a clear message for all Ontarians that intentional privacy breaches will not be tolerated, and a substantial financial penalty is a real possibility.

You are always welcome to contact Valerie Anderson, our Chief Privacy Officer, for any privacy questions at ext 2273. 


Black Tie Bingo continues its long-standing tradition of raising lots of money for the Hospital
There is something truly special about Black Tie Bingo, The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital’s premier fundraising event.

Most events have a 10-year life cycle before they need to be reinvented or replaced, but each and every year over its 21 years, Black Tie Bingo has experienced an ever increasing demand for tickets and continues to set new fundraising records.

As the 21st Annual Black Tie Bingo was wrapping up, Suzanne Bone, The Foundation’s CEO, had announced over Twitter that the event had raised $257,000, but after some more number crunching, Suzanne was pleased to announce a correction that the event raised just over of $259,000!

This year all 430 tickets “sold out” within days of the Save the Date announcement, before tickets were even printed and on sale, and at its peak, there were 70 people on the waiting list. In addition, there were close to 250 sponsors and prize donors, and almost 100 volunteers who contributed to the success of the event

By far, the most inspiring part of the night was when $84,500 was raised in just minutes during the live auction through bids towards the “Fund A Need” auction lot – setting yet another Black Tie Bingo record.

Foundation CEO, Suzanne Bone (left) congratulated Linda Craig for her 15 years of successful Black Tie Bingo organization.

Another highlight was when Linda Craig, Senior Development Officer at the Foundation, was honoured for 15 years as the behind the scenes driver of Black Tie Bingo.  Suzanne Bone recognized Linda for her commitment to ensuring every detail is carefully thought through and executed with perfection, and for inspiring such a committed volunteer following. The crowd responded with a standing ovation.

All funds raised through this year’s event will allow Guelph General to replace one of its almost obsolete portable X-ray machines as well as replace 11 decade-old defibrillators/ monitors. But, because of their advanced technology they will do far more than replace their predecessors, they will improve patient care at the Hospital.

The new X-ray unit will allow superior image quality, not only for the diagnostic image, but also with Real-Time images that the technologist can use to ensure that the best image is taken the first time.

The new defibrillators/ monitors have many new features that drastically improve resuscitation success rates. The most significant improvement is that the machines provide immediate feedback on CPR ensuring it is performed optimally.

So what is it that draws people back year of year and continues to attract new interest in this event?

Doug MacMillan of The Letter M Marketing who has been donating creative services since 2006, believes that “it is because the event is in some way reinvented every year with a fresh and relevant theme.” It is also one of Guelph’s only black tie events.

Or maybe because it brings together our community for a very special and important purpose.

Over its 21 years, Black Tie Bingo has raised over $3 million for the Hospital, funding many vital pieces of patient care equipment, and ultimately helping to improve the quality of care that our Hospital is able to provide to its community.

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